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Pet Food

We create your production process for high quality, various sized pet feeds with engineering, knowhow and experience!

Raw Material

  • Intake Section

  • Cleaning & Sieving

  • Grinding & Crumbling

  • Micro & Macro Dosing

  • Mixing

  • Cooling & Drying

  • Coating

  • Packaging

  • Conveying

Finished Product

Intake Section : Raw material, brought to the factory via various vehicles is poured in to the bunker. The dust is eliminated via filtering and exhaust fan.

Cleaning & Sieving : Material is filtered from metal particles by the magnet. Other foreign bodies are also eliminated in the process.

Grinding & Crumbling : Grinding and Mixing: Material is grinded in a hammer mill. Filter and the fan are designed to prevent dust particles from escaping. Filters are periodically cleaning their pouches with blasting valves. Additives and grinded stock material is mixed in to obtain the mixture.

Micro & Macro Dosing : The material in the dosage silos are taken through the lower screws to the dosage scale. It is taken in accordance with the feed to be’s ratio.

Mixing : To have a homogenous mix, micro materials, premix, minerals and vitamins are added to the grinded material. Additives are added in certain amounts on each charge. They are crucial on pellet feed’s grade.

Cooling & Drying : They are cooled by applying reverse air flow with a cyclone and fans in the hot cooler.

Coating : Oils, enzymes and other micro liquid additives are used for enhancing the pellet feed’s quality for different consumption styles. In compliance with the oil to be coated, max. 7% of the oil will be pulverized and added to the pellet while the stream is still ongoing.

Packaging : Produce will be weighed on the bagging scale and put in gunny sacks in 50 kgs each with reference to the warehouse’s stock product operation terms and will be either transferred via bulk feed trucks or will be kept in the warehouse.

Conveying : They are used for either vertically or horizontally transferring stock material, feed or semi-manifactured feed between machinery and the warehouses.