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Steam Flaking

Roller Mill, which is produced for Feed Mills & Flaking Units, is used for the production of the tempered small sized grain flakes. With the Strong Structure & low maintenance costs Yemmak Roller Mills deliver maximum performance.

Raw Material

  • Intake Section

  • Cleaning & Sieving

  • Conditioning

  • Flaking

  • Cooling & Drying

  • Packaging

  • Conveying

Finished Product

Intake Section : Raw material, brought to the factory via various vehicles is poured in to the bunker. The dust is eliminated via filtering and exhaust fan.

Cleaning & Sieving : Material is filtered from metal particles by the magnet. Other foreign bodies are also eliminated in the process.

Conditioning : The cleaned grains are being conditioned at the intended temprature for 45 minutes inside the steam tower.

Flaking : Roller Mill is mainly used for flaking the tempered small sized grains. The distances between the heat-strengthened and corrosion resisting rollers can be calibrated.

Cooling & Drying : Is used for getting the flaked product to the intended humidity and cooling.

Packaging : Finished products will be weighed on the bagging scale and put in gunny sacks in 25-50 kgs each with reference to the warehouse’s stock product operation terms.

Conveying : They are used for either vertically or horizontally transferring stock material, feed or semi-manifactured feed between machinery and the warehouses.