Since our inception, we have always highlighted that a company’s sustainable growth and competitive advantage can only be secured with talented employees and the difference they bring.

Yemmak being the first company of the private sector in manufacturing feed machinery with 300 staff and 56 years of experience in Turkey, and is Turkey's largest manufacturer.

Yemmak, which is also the export record holder of the sector, exports 70% of its sales volume. It plays an important role in career opportunities as it has an important global sales network.
Yemmak has adopted a merit-based recruitment and HR system that is inclusive of all ages, genders, nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, political views or physical conditions. 
In our group, this system applies to all stages of our business, including job postings, recruitment, placement, promotion, status change, salaries and other benefits, and educational choices.

One of our distinguishing features is that all our employees, especially the executives, keep themselves open to learning and development, and embrace and lead change.


"Yemmak, which has a young and dynamic staff, integrates the young generation with the experience of the past."

Are you also excited to have a dynamic career?

Are you passionate about what we do?
Do you also embrace collaboration, take initiative and work to further improve yourself and your environment?

If you wish to start over or take the next step in your career with Yemmak, let's create new goals together.

Career at Yemmak

Considering employee success and career plans from the recruitment processes, Yemmak adopts the experience and qualifications required by the position, learning, developing and improving for each of the career steps in the development path.

Yemmak generally takes advantage of internal dynamics in the selection of managers and supports career development of its employees.

 Open Positions:

Position City Company

IT & CANIAS ERP Specialist

Yemmak Makina Sanayi Tic.A.Ş.
  International Sales Specialist  Balıkesir
Yemmak Makina Sanayi Tic.A.Ş.
  Sales Specialist Balıkesir
Yemmak Makina Sanayi Tic.A.Ş.
  Manufacturing Engineer

Yemmak Makina Sanayi Tic.A.Ş.

* You can apply to for career opportunities.

"Yemmak Activity means youth,  sports, cooperation, team spirit,  sharing and friendship ..."

With the activities of Yemmak Activity club, internal communication increases, we spend our free time productively, we adopt sports as our life philosophy and act with the awareness of protecting the environment.

Participation, planning, continuity, productivity, volunteering and cooperation are the basic principles in Yemmak Activity activities.

In this direction;
  • Spending time outside working hours,
  • Increasing communication and interaction by increasing internal communication,
  • To be able to trust himself and those around him,
  • To have a habit of planned work, to use free time effectively and efficiently,
  • Adapting to new situations and environments, sharing with different people,
  • Making sports and healthy life a philosophy of life to be respectful to individual differences;
  • To be able to tolerate different opinions, thoughts, beliefs, understanding and cultural values,
  • Doing the task willingly, taking responsibility,
  • To be able to deal with social problems around him individually or in cooperation with others and to develop and implement projects that will contribute to their solution,
  • The acquisition of attitudes, behaviors and skills such as the ability to work willingly to complete the tasks performed by the group and to feel responsible towards the group,
  • Ability to act with the awareness of protecting the environment, It aims to gain the habit of reading and discussion.

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