Cooling & Drying

Cooling & Drying

Cooling machines produced by the Yemmak's expert engineers are used for cooling pellet feed, processed granular products, ground feed and rendered feed in the pet food facilities, chemical facilities, fertilizer production factories, and biomass facilities.


Cooling is the cooling of the products in the process, in pellet, flake, powder form, to ambient temperature. While the temperature of the product drops, warm air is removed from the environment through air aspiration system. Then, the product leaves the cooler through the discharge system.


Drying is a temperature-controlled process to evaporate the water in the product. After this process, most microorganisms become inactive as they do not have enough water around their enzymes, which extends the product's lifetime. At Yemmak, we offer batch and continuous dryer/cooler machines. Thanks to these machines, the heat and moisture of the products are adjusted to the desired levels.

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