Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

"Yemmak has set itself the goal of protecting the environment, zero waste and zero waste for each value it produces."

Environmental Policy

For each value Yemmak produces; It has determined its policy to protect the environment, zero waste and zero waste.

 To achieve this goal;
  • Detecting and reducing pollution at its source before it occurs,
  • Directing its employees to continue their activities with environmental awareness,
  • Complying with environmental laws, legislation and regulations,
  • Considering savings in the consumption of energy, water and natural resources for the promotion of efficiency increase,
  • Adopting the use of renewable energy sources,
  • Emphasizing the importance of reuse, recovery and recycling will be our priorities.

"Our Environmental Policy will always be carried out in line with the principle of minimum waste, maximum benefit and continuous improvement within the framework of changing environmental conditions and legal procedures."

In addition, senior management undertakes to comply with the environmental policy and the legislation related to national and international standards.

"Our waste is the worst legacy we will leave to future generations."

Environmental Targets

For each value Yemmak produces; It has determined its policy to protect the environment, zero waste and zero waste.

The primary goals of the Environmental Management System are as follows;
  • To minimize the effects of environmental pollutants that harm human and nature that occur while the services are performed.
  • To reduce Electricity Consumption by 10% compared to last year.
  • Avoid unnecessary water consumption.
  • To reduce natural gas consumption by 5%.
  • Reducing paper consumption by 10% with reusable paper.
  • To ensure the transportation or disposal of wastes in accordance with the legislation.
  • To provide Yemmak employees, suppliers, and subcontracted workers who come to work in the factory from outside to provide environmental awareness for 10 hours per person annually.
  • To increase the rate of recyclable waste materials by 10%.

In addition, senior management is committed to preventing pollution and protecting the environment.


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