Process automation enables production to be controlled and monitored from a single point, while at the same time, it enables the production quality to be carried further by evaluating the historical data.

We combine the industry experience of our expert staff with the sensitivity to keep up with technology and offer dynamic and direct solutions to leading companies in the chemical, rendering and biomass industries, especially in coumpund feed mills. Our strength stems from our extensive experience on industrial automation systems and our customers’ complete satisfaction.


Yemmak Scada System:

It is a visual flow monitoring and tracking application that Yemmak company has prepared in-house and continues to develop within its own structure, not offering it to the market in order to provide the best service to its detailed customers. With this product, the entire factory can be easily monitored and managed on a single line.


What are the advantages?

 Scada systems are priced with a calculation made over the tag. In other words, how many objects it will communicate with should be known in advance. Increasing this tag number means paying master fee.

All of the Scada systems are imported from abroad. This can be a nuisance for situations that require emergency support. Frequent updates to operating systems can be a nuisance for scada systems that are very general and extensively written. It is necessary to keep abreast of new service packages.  In case unwanted things happen to the PC on which the system is installed, other systems require at least 1 day work volume for the system to stand up again. With Yemmak Scada, the system can be re-activated within 1 hour at the latest.

 "Listening to customer experiences, Yemmak Scada developers respond to requests instantly and maximize customer satisfaction."

Yemmak IQ offers you remote services and the option to view notifications on your HMI displays.

In our digital world, we put all our work in our pocket. Well, it is the product that it released with the understanding of "Why not fit Feed Mills  to mobile devices".

How can it work?
In line with your permissions, it can follow stock, create new recipes, follow flow diagram, report daily productions, follow live production.

Why should we use it?
If you are in a managerial position in the feed mill and want an assistant to inform you about what happened in the factory outside of your daily work, then you should use Yemmak IQ.


We proudly present to YEMMAK IQ mobile application for adapt ever-growing technology is shaping today to future’s digital factories.

The emergence of Industry 4.0 is derived from in need of supply human need with automation systems which include cyber systems.

You can instantly access incoming raw material, product quality, stock tracking, facility capacity, production quality,  you can intervention security and operator mistakes all over the world.

System Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration is contributed produce to orders in time and high accuracy this provides ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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