Inclined Thermal Conditioner

Inclined Thermal Conditioner

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Stainless & Temperature control & Variable waiting time

The feed, which is cooked with steam in the ITC Series Yemmak Inclined Thermal Conditioner, becomes easier for animals to digest due to the gelatinization of the starch in it. ITC destroys harmful, disease-causing bacteria for animals.


  • Crushed-mixed feed is kept around 80°C in the Inclined Thermal Conditioner for 1-3 minutes.
  • Product moisture is increased up to 16.5%, which is the most suitable value for pelleting.
  • By the control parameters of the Inclined Thermal Conditioner such as steam, temperature, transition time, the best hygiene mash feed is produced at the lowest cost.


Yemmak Inclined Thermal Conditioner has an inclination angle that provides product filling control and adjustable cooking time. The conditioner always runs full thanks to the sensor on its input. On the product outlet side, there is an discharger that does not allow steam leakage and can adjust the capacity.

The adjustable steam supplied to the conditioner ensures homogeneous cooking thanks to the paddles on the rotor. The temperature on the body can be controlled.


Conditioning & Hygienization

Conditioning is the step before pelleting during feed processing.



Poultry Feed

Poultry feed production is becoming more important day by day as the population...


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