Yemmak In R&D 250 Stars

Yemmak In R&D 250 Stars

We are proud to announce!

Yemmak is listed in R&D 250 Research Report which is arranged by “Turkishtime Economics and Business Portal 's” since 2013 in Turkey. According to the data of 2019, we entered the top 500 and ranked 385 in the list of  the companies with the highest R&D expenditure.

In addition, we got the “ The Biggest R&D Center of Sector” title by taking position into 1.200 R&D center for “Second R&D 250” list while becoming R&D center to the first year.

Yemmak R&D manager Eser Dönmez told that “Yemmak is Turkey's leading feed machinery manufacturer, providing industrial process solutions for the rendering, chemical and biomass industries and being among the few producers in Turkey and Europe that can manage machinery, process and turnkey projects from a single center.

 Yemmak recognizes the key role of advanced technology in improving Turkey's prospects and believes R&D investments are crucial in this regard.

In this way completing minimum 4 R&D projects each year to utilize government's grants and supports and we have achieved our purposes such as developing the latest technology and new generation systems in the short term with the R&D methodology.

By increasing the budget for R&D investments, participating in all kinds of scientific studies and becoming one of the most successful companies in global area in the sector are some of our goals. "

Click the link for the report;

  • R&D 250 Report includes;
  • Highest R&D expenditure
  • The companies with having most R&D staff
  • Who has most R&D projects
  • Employing undergraduate and postgraduate educated staff
  • The number of trademarks, patents, design registrations and utility models

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