Bag Closing Belt Conveyor

Bag Closing Belt Conveyor

Sewing machine, its column and line are used continously for sewing the mouths of bags. 

Sewing machine’s operating pace is in synchronization with the conveyor. Conveyor line’s and sewing machine’s column’s height can be adjusted for bags in different sizes.

Belt conveyor's pulley have gaps between them to prevent belts from slipping. It also prevents spilled product from getting stuck. Moving pads on the idling pulley is used for adjusting the tension of the straps while making centering possible. There are also two pulley reels with adjustable angles for further centering. For bags in different sizes, an easily adjustable pulley can be installed on both sides of the conveyor line.

Bags are stabilized to protect the needle of the sewing machine. It’s possible to sew the bags from preffered positions and height thanks to the wheels under the machine’s column, and a turnable screw to adjust the height. There is a tipping instrument to lay the bags to their sides on the conveyor line after the sewing process is finished.



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Feed Industry

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By-Product Pelleting

We produce engineering solutions for needs.

Biomass Pelleting

Yemmak plays a major role in producing resources of biological origin, which humanity will always have a need for, and contributes to the country's economy by using these resources.

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We produce engineering solutions for needs in the chemical industry.


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