Bagging Scale

Bagging Scale

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Special design for product

Filling process has three stages called coarse filling, median filling and sensitive, accurate filling. After it is started via the touch screen, the machine feeds the produce in to the weighing scale in three stages. In each stage, it stops feeding the produce after a certain amount has been reached.

Three load-cell equipped scales open their exit hatches to fill the bags. To close the mouth of the bag, an automatic, height adjustable sewing machine is used. If preffered a manual sewing machine can also be used. Its power requirement is 220 V. 50Hz and AC’s air consumption is 700lt/min.

Precise weighing.
The operator can enter the amount of weight to be filled from the electrical panel. Weight amount and total number of bags can be monitored on the scale panel. If the weight is outside the acceptable tolerance, the scale waits and gives a warning. The scale automatically makes the taring and weighing error correction process of the pan.

Yemmak bagging scale is divided into net and gross according to the type of weighing. The weight of the product to be packaged in a net scale is weighed on the pan before filling it into the bag. In the gross scale, the weight is weighed while the product is filled into the bag, that is, together with the bag. The filling mouth of bagging scales varies according to the product type. Weigher filling can be belt-fed, screw-fed, vibro-fed and free-flowing. Belt feeding is used in the packaging of small granular, non-free flowing powder feed, shredded products and pellets. It allows the packaging of different types of products as powder and granular. It does not allow the granular product to crack. Weighing precision is
ensured thanks to the fast-slow and flow cutter valve.

Screw feeding is used for products that do not flow easily by themselves, such as flour and powder, and difficult to flow such as grain flours, powder feed and powdered sugar. Fast-slow filling is achieved by changing the speed with a frequency inverter. Thanks to the valve on the spiral outlet, it cuts the product flow when the weighing reaches the desired weight.

The free-flow feeding system can be used for all granular and free-flowing products such as grains, granules, salt and sugar. The powder is not suitable for the product. Fast-slow filling is provided with the double pneumatic cylinder on the valve. When the weighing reaches the desired weight, it stops the product flow.

Vibro feeding system is used in the packaging of granular products. It does not allow the granular product to break. Thanks to the valve on the vibro outlet, it cuts the product flow when the weighing reaches the desired weight. Yemmak bagging scales are manufactured as single and double scale according to the capacity requirement.



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