Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone Dust Collector

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Dusting the system

CYC and CYCL Series Cyclone Dust Collector is a separator that uses centrifugal force to purify particle-laden air.

Its performance mostly depends on its rotation speed and the density of particles. As the hot air moves spirally inside the collector with the help of an aspiration fan, the centrifugal force draws the dust out of the air. Then, the fan blows out the clean air. The dust settles to the lower outlet that features an air lock.

Simple and effective design.
The location of the aspirator effects the collector's performance. In dedusting systems, cyclone dust collectors are used to trap large particles in the air. These collectors are not suitable for filtering fine particles because of their structural features and working principles. When there is a high amount of dust to be filtered, cyclone dust collectors are used as pre-filters to help the main filter. As a result, bag filters work more efficiently.


Air locks are important components of pneumatic transmission systems. They are usually a part of silos, bunkers, cyclone dust collectors, filters and mixers and they control the flow of granular, grain and powder products. These locks block the air flow between the inlets and outlets that are under the effect of pressure, vacuum or gravity. They ensure a regular and stable material flow.




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