Feather Seperator

Feather Seperator

Highlight Feature

Highlight Feature

Made of Stainless Material

RFS series feather seperators which are carried by water enter into the screen through the intake hole. Water and the feathers fill and overload the tank; the overflowing water and feathers open the trap-door plate, then they land into the screen.

Feathers are seperated and the water is collected in a separate tank underneath the machine; then it’s discharged through the exit.

With the directional movement of the cleaning brush and the screen’s curvature, feathers are inclined to move towards the curve, then they land on the conveyor.Two mechanical switches are installed on both sides of the screen to ensure free movement for the cleaning brush. These switches are water resistant.The motor which is directly coupled with a mill, helps solid connected brush to move with the tooth-rack system which is drived by the motor.

The advantage of the cleaning brush.

The brush has a fully automatic motor controller, can go from left to right and right to left and can keep the pores of the screen clean all the time so the sieving process is effectively done. Also, it prevents the feathers from collecting, thus ensuring a higher capacity for sieving.

Ease of Placing.

The screen has two symmetrical material intake holes. So it can be relocated easily.    



Provide to improve the product quality and reduce energy consumption by pre-cooking / drying by removing excess water from slaughterhouse by product is prior of processing.




The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.


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