Flaking Roller Mill

Flaking Roller Mill

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Hardened rollers

Flake feed is obtained by steaming grains such as corn and barley and flaking them through rollers. Thus, the surface area of the grain increases and the digestibility of the starch in it becomes easier by gelatinizing.

Thanks to our rollers of high diameters, it is easier for the grain to be gelatinized. Grain is highly gelatinized at the exit of the flaking roller mill.


Strong and durable.
This machine's rollers are hardened by heat treatment and wear-resistant. The roller gap is adjustable. Consistent flake thicknesses are provided with fixed ball intervals under constant hydraulic pressure control. Thanks to the drum feeder on the machine, the rolls are continuously fed and a stable grain flow is achieved. The optimum rotation speed and the roller structure minimize dust.

Our machine models are available with different roller diameters, the product capacity is between 1.5-12 tons/h in corn for 0.8-1 mm flake thicknesses, while the capacity increases to 3-14 tons/h for barley with the same flake thicknesses. Thanks to their durable structure, flaking roller mills exhibit maximum performance with minimum maintenance cost. Special equipment such as the inlet feeder are included as standard equipment. Thanks to its rigid body and durable rollers, Yemmak flaking roller mill offers an opportunity for the production of quality flake feed with a long service life and optimum costs.




The grains softened in the tempering tower are then passed through roller crushing and converted into hot flake feeds.



Flake Feed

Flakes are acquired by steaming grains such as corn and barley, and passing them through rollers to crush them.


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