Flat Storage

Flat Storage

Flat storages can be built according to the required storage size. Flat storages are suitable for many agricultural products. Grains, dust and hard to flow raw materials can be stored in flat storages.

Flat storages are specially designed for the customer according to the condition of the site and the facility, if any. Flat storages are filled and emptied in the most economical way with conveyor equipment such as chain conveyors, elevators and tipper belt conveyors.

Yemmak designed and implemented flat storages for the feed mills it established. Flat storage systems are isolated with its completely closed design. This keeps moisture out and prevents animals from accessing and contaminating the product.



We design and implement the most efficient systems...



Feed Industry

Feeds are all the ingredients that are orally consumed and contain...


Yemmak conducts facility layout, machinery design, production, logistics and implementation operations in bran pelleting facilities.


Having experience in the biomass industry, YEMMAK also provides pelleting...

Sugar Beet Pulp

Beet pulp is a by-product of sugar factories offered for animal consumption.


With its experience in alfalfa pelleting, pellet press technology...


YEMMAK is one step ahead in the sector by designing a special machine for wood chips pelleting...

Premix and Concentrate

Premix products are produced as feed additives. They consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other compounds.

Grain Handling & Storage

As Yemmak, we design and implement the most efficient...

Soybean Processing

Soybeans have the highest protein ratio among oilseeds and are very nutritious.


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