Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

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Yemmak GHM Series hammer mill is constructed as a single unit consisting of a base frame with mill housing, rotor for hammers, side doors with screen frames and direct coupled electric motor. With its robust structure and a construction that needs low maintenance, these machines offers high efficiency.

Balancing the rotor of mill has been done at the maximum working speed. Thanks to the magnetic rotary feeder, it provides operating safety.

The raw material to be grinded is sent to the the mill by the rotary feeder. The mill is suitable to work in both directions. The right combination of hammer units, sieve diameter and rotation speed, provides high effciency grinding.


"High capacity, product flexibility and less downtime."

Effective grinding.

Yemmak hammer mills bring the particles to the desired size with the fast and powerful hammer impact force. There are varieties with 6 tons / hour and 40 tons / hour grinding power. Thanks to its efficient grinding ability, it increases the quality and production capacity of livestock feed, pet food and aquatic feed.

Product flexibility.
It shreds 60 mm raw materials efficiently and shrinks them between 400 µm and 1000 µm.

Easy maintenance.
The hammer mill door is locked with security locks. In this way, the mill door is prevented from opening in unwanted situations. All parts are easily and quickly accessed in the shredding zone. Replacement of wearing parts is made easy.



Grinding is an essential step of most processes.



Poultry Feed

Poultry feed production is becoming more important day by day as the population...

Ruminant Feed

Ruminant feed, the most consumed feed group in the world...


Having experience in the biomass industry, YEMMAK also provides pelleting...


Yemmak conducts facility layout, machinery design, production, logistics and implementation operations for grass pelleting facilities.


With its experience in alfalfa pelleting, pellet press technology...

Biomass Pelleting

Yemmak plays a major role in producing resources of biological origin, which humanity will always have a need for, and contributes to the country's economy by using these resources.

Organic Fertilizer Processing

Poultry and livestock droppings are mixed in ponds and converted into ...


The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.

Soybean Processing

Soybeans have the highest protein ratio among oilseeds and are very nutritious.


We produce engineering solutions for needs in the chemical industry.


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