Intake Pit Filter

Intake Pit Filter

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Highlight Feature

To prevent the loss of raw material by dedusting

IDF series intake pit filter used keep the dust emissions under control while unloading materials from trucks at intake units.

Filters which are lined alongside the intake hole suck the air through the bags with the help of a fan. Dust is contained in the filter bags. After the aspiration is done, filter bags are treated periodically with pressurized air by selenoid valves. So, the filter bag is cleaned and the emissions don’t go wasted.

Simple and effective design.
The filter bag is generally made of polyester needle felt and acts as a framework for the bag surrounding the cylinder-shaped wire mesh. Bag, cage and venturi sit on the perforated plate as a complete unit. Blowing pipes are mounted on each row of bag groups.

The blowing pipes are centered on each venturi, facing the venturi throat. When dusty gas or air enters the filter with vacuum and pressure, the cleaning system works as follows.

Electronic program unit sends the energy signal to the timer (normally closed) pilot solenoid valve and ensures its opening. Compressed air in the diaphragm valve is discharged by opening the pilot valve. Compressed air suddenly passes from the compressed air tube to the blowing pipe and then from the blowing pipes to the venturi throat and bags. It drags the secondary air with it while passing through the venturi. Thus, all the bags at that time will be completely cleaned.

The differential pressure sensor warns the operator by showing that it is time to change or clean the filter bags.

The filter body is completely dust-proof and is divided into 2 sections, upper and lower, by the perforated plate. The upper body covers the blowpipes, carries solenoid and diaphragm valves, and the cleaned gas exhaust outlet of the filter is this compartment. There are maintenance covers on the body for the control and maintenance of the bags. There is 1 air tube for each compartment of the dome filter. Air distribution is made with pipes according to the shape of the bag arrangement. The width and length of the filter may change according to the size of the raw material intake chamber, and the shape of the bag arrangement changes accordingly.



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