Jet Filter

Jet Filter

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Increasing mill capacity by dedusting

JFHM – JFHL Series Jet Filter Provides Perfect Grinding and High Mill Performance!


Use of a suitable jet filter is the most important factor for a smooth grinding process and high mill performance.The surface area of the jet filter is selected according to the mill sieve size and the amount of air required for aspiration.

Simple and effective.
An aspiration fan system vacuums air from inside the filter bags. The fan helps trap the dust in the polyester needle filter bags. With the signal coming from the pulse valves by the electronic program unit, the compressed air is blown into the filter bag and the dust adhering to the bag is cleaned by shaking and the dust is included in the system.

The differential pressure sensor warns the operator for the maximum efficiency of the equipment to which it is connected by showing that the filter bags should be changed or cleaned.


Ease of maintenance.
There is a grid in the lower part of the body to prevent the bags from falling down in case they come out. There is a maintenance cover on the body to control and maintain the bags.




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