Micro Dosing Unit

Micro Dosing Unit

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Highlight Feature

Precise weighing

MDW series micro dosing unit's weighing system is made of steel. This system has a dust absorption feature that prevents dust from coming out of the silos.

The screw conveyors used for dosing have a diameter of 100 mm. There is a pneumatic valve at the outlet to prevent spills. The screw conveyors and the dosing scale have a flexible structure. The product is weighed by the precise weighing system of the dosing scale and then it is transported to the mixer with the help of pneumatic butterfly valves. Micro components are stored in bunkers made of stainless steel and suitable for food storage.


Precise weighing.
Dosing screw conveyors of different sizes are used to provide weighing accuracy. Micronutrients are weighed and dosed into the scale. The weighing accuracy is not affected thanks to the flexibility of the connection between the scale and lower tank.


"The Yemmak micro-dosing unit has a precise weighing system, flexible structure, dust-free design and a fully-automated system."

The round-corners of these bunkers have been designed to prevent clogging. Rotating discharge equipment is recommended for hard-to-flow products. The size and quantity of these bunkers are determined according to the capacity requirement and product type.



Dosing is the next process after raw material intake.



Poultry Feed

Poultry feed production is becoming more important day by day as the population...

Ruminant Feed

Ruminant feed, the most consumed feed group in the world...

Aquatic Feed

Today, fish meat is gradually becoming more important in human nutrition as the need for protein and energy is continuing to increase. This increases the need for more or larger fish farms and for more aquatic feed.

Pet Food

The global demand for pet food is on the rise and a nutritious diet is important for the health of our pets. Cat and dog food quality is affected by various factors such as size, shape, color and density.

Premix and Concentrate

Premix products are produced as feed additives. They consist of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other compounds.


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