Rotary Drum Separator

Rotary Drum Separator

Highlight Feature

Highlight Feature

Non-Clogging Sieve

At rendering units, the offal which is transferred from the slaughterhouse by the pumps is dehydrated by the separators first.

The tube which carries the juicy offal with the help of pumps is 200 mm in diameter. The carrying tube brings the material into the rotor which rotates 7-8 times a minute.


Rotor is made of stainless, specifically designed, imported bar screen.The product moving through the ribbon spiral is separated from the water with a special sieve. The dehydrated material will be poured into the bunker and the waste liquid will be transferred to the wastewater treatment facility.In addition to its completely stainless steel body, its simple and compact structure provides ease of maintenance.

"You will find quality, durability and high efficiency together with Yemmak RDS series rotary drum separator."



Provide to improve the product quality and reduce energy consumption by pre-cooking / drying by removing excess water from slaughterhouse by product is prior of processing.




The livestock industry is growing worldwide in response to population growth.


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