Steam Chamber

Steam Chamber

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Body isolation

SCT series steam chamber is the hearth of flaking line.

Before the flaking, the materials go through hydrothermal phase. Broken oat, millet, wheat, barley, buckwheat, white millet and rice can also be processed in the flaking unit alongside whole products.

Minimum steam consumption.
Materials to be flaked are fed to the steam section which is located at the upper side of the chamber through the feeding hopper. A special steam distribution system directs the saturated steam to the product through several spots and distribute it evenly. The steam to be supplied to the raw material is controlled with the help of the solenoid steam valves located after the steam collector. The amount of steam to be given in the steam chamber varies according to the type of grain.

Thanks to the level sensors on the steam chamber, the on-off valves in the steam installation are controlled according to the grain amount and fullness in the tower.

The steam chamber, which is regularly steamed, is completely made of stainless steel. After manufacturing, the heat is maintained and the condensation of the steam is prevented by making insulation on the steam chamber.

Yemmak SCT type steam chambers are manufactured at intervals of 5-15 m3 according to different volume capacities. Tower volumes are determined according to the capacity of the flake unit. SCT type steam chambers have an important place in the flake process with their low maintenance costs.


Steam Conditioning & Dampening

Steam pre-processing and grain dampening are the process of softening...



Flake Feed

Flakes are acquired by steaming grains such as corn and barley, and passing them through rollers to crush them.


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