Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Telescopic Belt Conveyor

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Remote control & Height adjustment system

After packaging, the bags need to be loaded into vehicles for transportation. Telescopic belt conveyors have been specifically designed for this process, providing the most efficient stacking solution.

TBZ series telescopic belt conveyors are designed to be adjustable in length and height. Thanks to the remote control on the belt, the operator can easily adjust the belt position according to the stacking situation.

User friendly.
The controller on the belt allows the operator to adjust the belt position for a smooth loading process. The height is adjusted by using the hydraulic cylinder while the length is adjusted. Belt frames are moved on top of each other to extend or shorten the length.

TBZ series telescopic belt conveyors' body can be moved angularly in the axis of the rear hinges by means of a hydraulic cylinder, and the height of the band end can be adjusted.

Telescopic loading belts are made of abrasion-resistant PVC material to ensure long-term use. Available in different models and sizes, telescopic belt conveyors shorten the loading and stacking process, and increase the transportation capacity.



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