Vapor & Odor Treatment

Vapor & Odor Treatment

Vapor and Odor Treatment prevents unpleasant situations by eliminating the odorous volatile organic compounds generated by the processes carried out in the rendering facilities.

Yemmak's deodorizer system processes non-condensable gases by extracting them with a fan. This system consists of chemical deodorizers and a minimum of one tower. The system removes unpleasant odors by treating the particles contained in the gas with chemicals before they are released to the atmosphere.

The deodorizer system oxidizes the non-condensable gases in order to completely get rid of unwanted odors. NaClO and H2O are the waste products of this process.

These units are not only cost-effective but they can also be used outdoors when required.

  • This is the most effective system to control and reduce unpleasant odors resulting from non-condensable gases.
  • It oxidizes the odors of the non-condensable gases.
  • It destroys the odor particles in the non-condensable gases.

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