Vertical Mixer

Vertical Mixer

VMIX Series Vertical Mixers are usually used as pre-mixers in mills which take fine-grains and powdered feed. It is a premix mixer.

They consist of two parts: An upper cylindirical part and a lower cone part. While the material goes down, the screw in the body keeps the material upside. This way the produce gets optimally mixed and homogenized. Ideally engineered lower cone discharges the product perfectly. 

Vertical mixers are generally used to mix the raw material group of small particle and powder feed products before the mill. The mixing process is carried out continuously.

High mixing ability.

Since it is a continuously working mixer, it ensures that the product is continuously circulated in the tank and on the other hand it discharges from the lower cone.




Mixing is one of the most important steps in production processes.



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