Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating Sieve

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Linear vibration with vibro motors

With sieves of different sizes, the vibrating sieve system separates materials according to their size and removes foreign objects. This ensures the materials are of the same granule size before processing.

Vibrating sieves are both durable and high-performance. Vibration motors help the sieve to separate the materials accurately.


Minimum maintenance.
The impact intensity of electric vibration motors can be adjusted according to the process. For example, even a vibration motor with a high newton value can be adjusted to supply just a small vibration force.The materials pass through gradually narrowing pores in multi-level sieves.

The sieves are easily removed or installed by opening and tightening the bolt connection. Vibration motors are mounted on the back of the machine in order to minimize space use.

Vibrating sieves are used for:


1. Pre-sieving the material before being sent to the mill

2. Sieving the material that comes out of the pellet mill

In the pre-mill sieving process, the products classified according to grain size are sent to the hammer mill and roller mill. The powder is sent to the mixer. Pellets are separated from the powder in the sieving process after the pellet mill. The pellet is sent to the silos, the powder is sent back to pellet mill.


Cleaning & Sieving

During the cleaning and sieving process, foreign objects are removed from the raw material.



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