Steam Conditioning & Dampening

Steam Conditioning & Dampening

Steam pre-processing and grain dampening are the process of softening grains such as barley and corn before feeding them into the roller mash in the production of flake feed.

In the flaking process, which is an indispensable process in the production of flake raw materials, the grains are conditioned in Yemmak SCT type chest towers, depending on parameters such as humidity, temperature and time.

The steam to be given to the product in the tempering tower varies according to the type of grain.The steam fed to the grain is supplied from several different points using a steam unit on the tower and is controlled by solenoid steam valves.

GDM series grain dampener is used before the steam chest tower to shorten the waiting time of the product and to reduce steam consumption. Up to 7% water can be added to the grain.


Flake Feed

Flakes are acquired by steaming grains such as corn and barley, and passing them through rollers to crush them.


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