Dust collection is used to collect dust at the source in any process. The dust collector can be a single unit structure or a group of equipment used to separate particles from process air. They are often used as air pollution control equipment to maintain or improve air quality.

Dusty air is first passed through inertial separators that help separate the dust from gas streams using a combination of forces such as centrifuge, gravity, and inertia. The separated powder is transported by gravity to a hopper where it is temporarily stored.

Cyclonic dust collectors: Cyclonic motion is used to separate dust particles from the air flow. The most common types of collectors used today are; Single cyclone separators forming a double vortex to separate the coarse from fine dust, and multiple cyclone separators consisting of several small diameter cyclones operating in parallel.

Pulse jet collectors: It is a very effective industrial dust collection system. Airborne dust is kept in filters. A timer-controlled valve ensures that the pressurized air from the pulse jet collector is transmitted to the bags and the dust on it is poured.

Differential pressure sensor is used to understand when it is time to change the bags. The dirtier the filters, the greater their resistance to passing air. When the difference between the two pressure readings reaches a predetermined level, it gives a signal in the scada system that it is time to change the bags.

Pulse jet dust collector is widely used in various industries and is one of the most cost effective dust removal systems. There are varieties used depending on the process and product.


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